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Through LIAISON® XS, can be achieved an higher efficiency and a new effectiveness to perform low volume specialties and routine tests.

LIAISON® XS, a single system completely automated with efficient design and reduced dimensions, will provide the difference offering a new level of reliability and higher performance in results quality and workflow efficiency and optimization.


The LIAISON® Family Concept

LIAISON® XS Main Features

Reagents Area

The reagents area is refrigerated and allows continuous loading of reagents Integrals or Ancillaries and to ensure  safe process, the operator will be driven by a light during load and unload activities. Up to 10 Integrals and up to 4 ancillary reagents can be used at the same time. Multiple of the same Integral can be loaded at the same time if needed.

Sample Area

Workflow optimization and process control with sample continuous loading supported by tube identification via integrated barcode scanner or manual editing.
LIAISON® XS sample area allows up to 4 sample racks simultaneously. A total of 48 tubes can be loaded, among primary or secondary tubes, or calibrators, or controls.

Integral Technology

LIAISON® XS utilizes chemiluminescence technology: the same proven quality technology used for LIAISON® systems. In most of the cases, all components are ready to use in one Integral. Most of the Integrals include the calibrators improving efficiency and results standardization. All the information related to each Integral (unique serial number, calibration, on board stability and shelf life, number of remaining determinations, etc) are included and constantly monitored and updated thought RFID technology.


Innovative Software

An intuitive and complete software allows the operator to manage needs and efficiently organize the activities workflow through:

  • QC software monitoring
  • Connectivity to LIS (host) and/or Middleware in bidirectional interface
  • Automated daily auto Init/ Resume (time: end user defined)
  • Patient search on the whole history of performed tests


  • Assays imported directly on the LIAISON® XS
  • Predictive Service alerting system


  • Sample level detection
  • Sample integrity (clot, volume check)
  • Reagent level detection
  • Reagent integrity (volume check)
  • Washer aspiration check
  • Starter dispense check
  • Spike detection and Dark Count monitoring
  • Critical temperatures regulation and check
  • Quality check of acquired signal


LIAISON® XS software offers an upfront quantity consumption estimation to harmonize walk away. Moreover in the instrument software a shortage indication for consumables and reagents is visible.



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